Quality Chemicals

Reactor Resources (RxR) supplies Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS), Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS), and Tertiary Butyl Poly-Sulfide (TBPS 454).  The products are primarily used for sulfiding hydrotreating, hydrocracking, and renewable fuels catalysts and passivating furnace tubes in ethylene crackers.  In addition, we also supply Tri-n-butylamine (TBA) and methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) for passivating hydrocracking catalysts.

ChevronPhillips Chemicals

ChevronPhillips Chemical Company (CP Chem) produces all of the sulfur chemicals that we supply at their manufacturing facilities in Borger, Texas and Tessenderlo, Belgium.  We also have a terminal in Seabrook, Texas that is conveniently located for deliveries to our Gulf Coast customers.

The manufacturing procedures that CP Chem utilizes are certified as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  By adhering to these standards, ChevronPhillips ensures that their chemical products are of the highest quality and make a minimal impact on the environment.

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